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* It is always necessary to make sure your vehicle is in proper working condition with no mechanical issues. These include no oil, fuel, or fluid  leaks, loose piping, and proper installation of aftermarket accessories. Individual maybe liable for any or all damage due to negligence. *

Mobile Dyno Package

We come to you!

For only $1.50 per mile we will bring you our state of the art, mobile AWD dynamometer. Our Mustang MD-AWD-500 is basically a portable drag strip that can handle any 2WD or AWD monster you throw on it. It comes fully equipped with a drag racing timing system, multiple displays, and Mustang's DragSim software.  

"One thing is for sure, a dyno draws big crowds when it shows up at an event. There is something about watching wheels spin and listening to an engine at full throttle that captures people's attention. Add the actual drag racing times, reaction time results and virtual animation of the car racing down the strip or street and you've got yourself some serious racing entertainment." Mustang Dynamometer 

With that said, what better way to bring something special to your loyal customers or attract new customers?

Dyno Rates

$75 for 3 Pulls

$50 for a 1/4 Mile Run 

$100 for 3 Pulls and a 1/4 Mile Run

(Purchase additional pulls $10 each)